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social media for business David Worley Fannie MaeAlthough it was nonexistent when I started working, social media has since become an essential aspect of a successful business.  It can be hard to choose the right social media platform for your business, but it’s essential.  I recently read an article with five important aspects to consider when using social media for business, listed below:

Broad audience platforms: When deciding which social media platforms to use for your business, there are two basic categories: broad audience (bigger social media profiles) and niche platforms (social media platforms often for specific niches).  You should try having an account on at least one broad audience platform, such as Instagram or Facebook.

Niche platforms: After setting up your broad audience account, consider which other platforms would work well with your business.  Understand who your audience is, which will let you determine which social media platform is best for reaching them.  

Bring in the experts: Entrepreneurs often try to save money by managing social media themselves, but it’s a better idea to hire somebody with experience to manage your social media.  These are people who know what kind of content to post to attract new viewers, and more importantly how to post it so it earns traction.  

Develop meaningful content: Developing unique content is easier said than done, but it’s essential if you want to be heard over the white noise of the Internet.  If all of your posts sound like you’re trying to sell something, nobody’s going to care.  But if the content you post is actually valuable to the reader, then you can improve your company’s image.  

Be persistent: Social media work isn’t a one-time thing; you need to be steadily and consistently creating new content and looking for additional ways to engage your audience.  You need to keep up with and adapt to the changes around social media.  

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