David Worley Fannie Mae is a retired financial executive based in Charlotte, North Carolina and Dallas, Texas.  Over the course of his 30+-year career, he’s worked as an executive in capital markets and financial services.  David is known as a dynamic leader and an exceptional people manager who achieves outstanding results by recruiting and motivating teams.  He is known for his ability to effectively lead and achieve results David exceeds at creating, launching and executing complex financial products, market conditioning, market placement, and positioning. He has exceptional skills at executing complex financial programs, workouts and negotiations, and over the years, he’s built numerous highly successful businesses with high levels of returns. . David has had a highly progressive and fruitful career at two major financial institutions, Fannie Mae and Wachovia, where he was consistently recognized for not only meeting goals, but exceeding them as well. fannie mae

From the early 1990 to early 2000s, David Worley Fannie Mae worked at Wachovia, where he was a leader and one of three co-founders of a large group of senior-level professionals for the most successful division within the company.  This division contained ten distinct businesses, many of which were number one or two in league table rankings, and consistently generated ROA’s and ROE’s in high percentages.   David was recruited to Fannie Mae to serve as the Chief Risk Officer for the multi-family division, where he was responsible for leading a group of over 150 employees. –  During his tenure at Fannie Mae, David Worley was able to build a world class Risk Management infrastructure, gathering accolades from the company and its regulators. David helped to increase the multifamily debt portfolio from $110 billion to $200 billion while keeping delinquencies and losses to a minimum and dramatically increasing the returns of shareholders.  He was responsible for negotiating the $7.1 billion loan for the acquisition of Archestone, which remains the largest commercial real estate loan ever closed.  This transaction has netted Fannie Mae over $400 million in income to date.  He was also responsible for creating a vehicle to deal with foreclosed apartments, which was proclaimed by many to be the most creative thing Fannie Mae ever did.  The structure netted Fannie Mae over $200 million.

Charlotte Skyline

The skyline of Charlotte, North Carolina, which David Worley calls home.

David Worley Fannie Mae recently retired from the world of finance. He is spending his time investing in apartments, traveling and playing golf, and acting as a political advisor.  However, he has not yet ruled out returning to the market.  He is also spending his free time establishing a charitable foundation that allows him to give back to the many communities that he has called home over the years.  David is no stranger to philanthropy, being a regular donor to the United Way, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association.  David’s main interests for a new charity are something that would work to either help people affected by Alzheimer’s or underprivileged, inner city children, both issues about which David Worley feels particularly strong.  He has had personal experiences with both Alzheimer’s (both his father and mother in-law suffered from the disease) and underprivileged children he and his family have spent a great deal of time working with underprivileged youth).

When he isn’t busy working or establishing a charitable foundation, David’s personal interests include golf and politics.  He has been advising and providing his GSE (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) expertise to various politicians, political groups and action committee on current issues in Commercial Real Estate, including reform for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  David has recently appeared in the newspaper of his native Charlotte for scoring another hole-in-one, and has played in the National Country Club Championship.  He also recently competed in the US Senior Open Qualifier.

David Worley Fannie Mae